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  • The Six Best Books on Leadership for Ministry Leaders

    Ministry leaders have to lead and serve their congregations, communities, and organizations. Hence, they have special obligations and problems and need to develop strong leadership skills. For this purpose, various leadership books are referred to in this blog article, which can serve as a guide and aid in impacting other people’s lives.

  • John the Baptist

    “Should we expect someone else?” John the Baptist, the desert-dwelling New Testament prophet, sent his disciples to ask Jesus this question. From the confines of Herod’s prison cell, he was curious. 

  • Chrysalis

    You might have heard of the butterfly effect, but I’ve been enamored recently with something I can only dub the “chrysalis effect.” Chrysalis: just a fancy term for a butterfly’s cocoon, the gold pupa that breaks apart to deliver the fluttering wings and buzzing legs and fuzzy body we love to see floating through our flower beds every spring. But there’s a price to be paid inside the chrysalis.

  • The Ten Best Books by Inspirational Christian Leaders

    Inspirational Christian leaders have made a massive difference in the lives of several people. Their books are an incredible source of insight, direction, and support for individuals journeying on the spiritual path. The ten books highlighted below are superb inspirational and will leave you enlightened.

  • Keeping The Faith – Use the Power of God’s Word in Five Best Books to Drive Your Business

    Who said business and faith do not mix? Faith is a guiding force in life and business as a Christian. We can use our faith to make it big in the corporate world. It helps us to stay strengthened in our faith at the workplace, especially when times are tough or if the workplace is toxic. Other than that, as a business owner, your faith can guide you to manage things properly and employ fair play in every decision you make. This blog discusses five excellent books that can guide you through the in