Express Solutions

are pre-packaged and offered at a 15-25% discount. *

    Starter Essential Most PopularAdvanced Premium
Display +
Social Media
Standard Display Desktop
Standard Mobile & Tablet
CP Social Cards
Facebook Post x2
Twitter Post x2
Emails Sponsored Email Blast  
Dedicated Email Blast      
Dedicated Email Blast (with Targeting)      
Branded Content 1 Branded Content (client provided) x2
Native ads Native Ad Imps on Homepage of, 7 Days    
Native Ad Imps with Premium Placement on Homepage of, 7 Days      
Organic Placement – 7 days    
Video Pre-Roll      
Optimization Mid-Campaign Analysis and Optimization      
Reports Access to Daily Reporting      
Mid-Campaign Report  
Final Report at Campaign Completion
Starting at $1,380 per month. Contact us for additional pricing.
*Additional Charges for Content Production
*Content Placement Discontinued 30 Days After Campaign End

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Starter Email Marketing Branded Content Video Capabilities Native Advertising
  • Standard IAB
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet/IPad
  • High impact Units Available
  • Feature Gallery
  • Dedicated Email blasts
  • Sponsored Email blasts
  • E-Newsletter Display Banners
  • Advertorial
  • Editorial Sponsorship
  • Built-if-Sold Sponsored Custom Content (Integrate)
  • Custom Content (Promotional)
  • Advertiser’s Content
  • Video Instream
    • Pre-Roll Video
    • Post-roll
    • Mid-roll
  • Video Outstream

Place your branded content within our editorial feed for maximum engagement

360 Degree Branding Social Cards Social Media Brand Voice Content Creation

Reach target audience with holistic mix of digital channels to maximize buzz.

Brand’s organic social posts distributed as mobile ads on site

  • Facebook and Twitter Posts
  • Custom Social Media Campaign
  • Paid Boosts

Dedicated Page for Brand

  • Video production
  • Podcast
  • And more
Demographic Targeting Testing and Optimization Research & Reporting Digital Marketing Consultation Custom Services
  • Retargeting and Remarketing
  • We leverage data for precise audience targeting in various platforms
  • Data Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Brand Lift Study
  • Pre-campaign audience and market search
  • Research Paper
  • Post-campaign reporting

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