Pastor Tackles Gunman, Texas Investigation Of Child Sterilization, ‘Family Camp’ Film Shares Truth Through Humor

Top headlines for Tuesday, May 17, 2022

The pastor of a California Presbyterian church hit a gunman with a chair as the shooter paused to reload his gun after killing one member and injuring four others. Church members then grabbed and hog-tied the gunman.

A heavily armed 18-year-old man opened fire at a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood in Buffalo, New York, Saturday, killing 10 people, including at least two Christian believers, and wounding three others in what is being described as a racially motivated hate crime. 

The Texas Supreme Court has issued a ruling allowing Child Protective Services to resume investigating cases in which children suffering from gender dysphoria risk being sterilized from the use of experimental puberty blockers. 

As streaming services increasingly push inappropriate content for children, the Skit Guys are on a mission to create family-friendly, clean content that honors — and pokes fun at — the Body of Christ. 

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