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A Solution to Rising Health Care Costs

By Medi-Share

It’s hard to ignore the pinch on our purse strings nowadays. It seems like everything is more expensive and paychecks aren’t keeping up. So, it’s no surprise that as inflation rises so do our stress levels.

We are seeing a noticeable cost difference in everyday items like gas, groceries, housing, and health care. We rely on these necessities daily, yet we are seeing record prices in some areas of the country. While budgeting can help, it’s now harder than ever to make ends meet.

No Bill Too Large
More than Billion shared since 1993. (We never pro-rate sharing dollars.)

Inflation often prompts people to search for new ways to save money. Although no one likes to live in tough economic times, we are more likely to be open-minded to new options that help us financially and personally.

So, what are these alternative options that promise to ease the financial burden Americans are feeling? It can be as simple as working from home to save money on fuel, or meal planning rather than eating out.

When it comes to health care, people are switching to an option called health care sharing. Unfamiliar with health care sharing? It is typically a group of people who share similar religious or ethical beliefs that commit to pay or “share” the medical bills of other members. With a lack of affordable health care, it is a simple solution that stretches members’ dollars further.

There are different health care sharing organizations and ministries available, however, the one that we trust the most and encourage you to work within Medi-Share. Medi-Share offers an innovative health care solution for Christians looking to save money without sacrificing on quality. Medi-Share has been successfully serving members for nearly 30 years, that’s why it’s the .

How Does Medi-Share Work?

Aligned With Your Values
Our members share medical expenses that support and honor biblical values.

Medi-Share members contribute a monthly amount called share which is used to pay for the medical needs of other members. As a community of believers, the Medi-Share community only shares bills that are aligned with Christian values and every member gets a vote on the program guidelines.

The typical family that switches to Medi-Share saves $500 a month on their health care costs. Members also have access to other cost-saving perks like unlimited telehealth, unlimited telebehavioral health, direct bill management, nationwide provider flexibility, and prescription, dental, and vision discounts.

Don’t assume that by saving money members are getting less in return. In fact, members are more satisfied when they make the switch. Medi-Share’s customer satisfaction rate is double the national industry average!

Healthcare is a basic human need, Medi-Share offers a solution that allows members to take back financial control and fight inflation.