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Excuse me John Piper, but pride doesn’t kill babies

Abby Johnson seen in the trailer for 'Beautiful Lives.'
Abby Johnson seen in the trailer for "Beautiful Lives." | YouTube/Billy Hallowell

Politics is a dirty business. Mudslinging is common. It’s hard to figure out what’s true and what’s not. But one issue, another dirty business, is something that Christians in particular should know the truth about: abortion. And you know who should be pulling together to stump for a candidate who stands against the killing of our most vulnerable human beings? Our faith leaders. But instead, all we see are some of our most well-known faith leaders causing confusion and dissention.  

In a recent article by John Piper, he stated that “boastfulness” is a bigger problem than abortion: “I think it is baffling and presumptuous to assume that pro-abortion policies kill more people than a culture-saturating, pro-self pride. When a leader models self-absorbed, self-exalting boastfulness, he models the most deadly behavior in the world.” 

No one likes a braggart, but I’ve never seen boastfulness rip a baby limb from limb. Yet I have seen an abortion suction tube do just that. And I have seen a 13-week-old innocent baby fight for his life against that abortion instrument, only to die trying. 

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What a ridiculous comment from someone seen as a faith leader. And what a ridiculous justification to vote for a party that stands for the expansion of elective abortion through 40 weeks for any and every reason. Pathetic.  

Pride doesn’t kill babies. Boastfulness doesn’t tear them apart in their mothers’ wombs. Arrogance doesn’t cause a baby to flee for their lives as sharp instruments seek to rip them limb from limb while they are still alive. No. Abortion does that and abortion alone. 

We can’t legislate pride or boastfulness or arrogance. But we can legislate abortion. In fact, we can make it illegal. And that is what is on the line. Life is on the line. The innocent lives of precious babies are on the line. Not pride. Not arrogance.  

Grow up. You aren’t voting for prom king. This isn’t a popularity contest.  

Additionally, Phil Vischer, the creator of the “Veggie Tales”, released a video implying that a vote for pro-life policies was a wasted vote. I don’t consider Mr. Vischer a “faith leader” by any means, but I did find it quite ironic that the creator of a children’s series doesn’t find a pro-life vote worthwhile. Afterall, don’t you need children around to keep your Veggie Tales empire going? Anyway, not only was the video quite condescending to those of us who dedicate our lives to protecting the unborn, it was full of falsehoods. The video stated that the reason anyone votes pro-life is to overturn Roe v. Wade. That is a false assumption. Roe is one of many, many reasons pro-life voters vote for candidates who are don’t support abortion. The president has much power when it comes to pro-life issues.  

Democrats keep touting the false line that under democratic presidencies, abortions are less because of democratic policies. This has zero to do with democratic policies and everything to do with state legislatures. During Obama’s presidency, the state of Texas passed a record-breaking number of pro-life legislation, decreasing abortion numbers across the state by 30 percent. Texas wasn’t the only one. Many states replicated these pro-life legislative efforts during his eight years in office, significantly decreasing abortion rates across the country.  

Do you think politics doesn’t have a place in our religious communities? I’d wholeheartedly disagree. Unfortunately, we live in a society where sin has crept in and clouded societal judgement, just like it has throughout history, during the Holocaust and slavery. And abortion. I wish we didn’t have to legislate that killing unborn babies is wrong. I wish our society looked at growing children in the womb as Christ sees them: perfect creations with infinite dignity and worth endowed by our Creator. 

Biden and Harris have already promised to work to overturn every state legislative victory that has helped to decrease the amount of abortions. That means no more ultrasound legislation, no more 20-week bans, no more bans of state funding for abortion facilities, no more waiting periods, no more parental consent for abortion, and no more care for infants born alive after failed abortions. No, this is not just about Roe. It’s about so much more.  

This is why politics must be a driving force within our faith communities. Not only that, but God calls us to concern ourselves with government. Romans and 1 Peter talk specifically about our role in governmental affairs as Christians.  

When people ask me about how I vote, I am not ashamed to tell them that I am a proud single issue voter. I vote on abortion. How someone cares for the most vulnerable among us tells me everything I need to know about every other issue. To me, there is nothing else as important as abortion. Nothing is as destructive. Nothing is as deadly. Nothing impacts us more. It impacts our economy, our social security, the morality of our society, our birth rate, and our overall humanity. If we are willing to violently kill the most innocent and vulnerable among us, why wouldn’t we be willing to abuse and harm others? If we are willing to dehumanize the most marginalized in our society, what makes us think that dehumanization wouldn’t spread to other marginalized groups? The elderly, ethnic minorities, the immigrant, the homeless? What we do to the least of these, we will do to all.  

So please stop, Faith Leaders. Stop muddying the waters in order to justify voting for a candidate that supports killing children in the womb. Nothing else is more important. Nothing is more destructive than abortion. Nothing is killing more innocent human beings. Nothing is more dehumanization. And dare I say, I can’t imagine anything that must hurt the heart of Our Father more than the sacrifice of His creation in the womb. Stop using God to justify your immoral vote. 

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Abby Johnson is CEO and Founder of And Then There Were None and author of Unplanned. She is the host of the podcast, “Politely Rude.”

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