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Mike Bickle confessed via a statement shared on Facebook that he engaged in "inappropriate behavior" two decades ago. The admittance comes more than a month after leaders of International House of Prayer Kansas City announced that at least one allegation of abuse including "sexual immorality" made against the ministry’s founder had "some credibility." Full Story.

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The Prince William County Police Department in Virginia announced that Rui Jiang, a 35-year-old Falls Church resident who was arrested after allegedly trying to attack a church during a worship service, faces a new charge of attempted aggravated murder. Jiang, who was carrying two knives and a gun, was arrested outside Park Valley Church in Haymarket last fall after reportedly making online threats against the congregation. Read more.
A survey from Pew Research Center shows that 22% of Americans identify as "spiritual but not religious." Findings showed that these respondents view organized religion in a more negative light than do those who classify themselves as religious and spiritual. Take a look at the findings now.
The faith-based nonprofit WallBuilders is suing the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority after it rejected the group's proposed bus ads. One of the ads featured a picture of George Washington kneeling in prayer alongside the statement, "Christian? To find out about the faith of our founders, go to wallbuilders.com." Read more.
Holy Family Church, the only Roman Catholic Church in Gaza, was damaged by an alleged Israeli airstrike last weekend, with shrapnel damaging the church and its parish buildings. Its solar panels and water tanks were destroyed. Palestinian Christians caught up in the Israel-Hamas conflict are reportedly facing an increasingly "desperate" situation. Read more.
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It started with a Facebook Bible study launched by several gay men who call themselves a group of Christian believers. Now, questions are swirling around First Baptist Church Orlando and whether it affirms same-sex relationships. Read more.

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In this op-ed, "Dead Name" director and co-producer Taylor Reece calls out medical professionals and organizations that support life-altering body mutilation surgeries only to walk away once the permanent decision is made. "When the glitter fades and the obsession dulls, all those that stood like fans lined up along the parade route waving metaphorical rainbow flags will be living their lives with intact bodies and likely a general sense of normalcy," she writes. Read more.
The Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network has condemned a documentary released by MSNBC that portrays Schiavo's death by court-ordered dehydration as compassionate. Schiavo suffered a cardio-respiratory arrest in 1990 and was subsequently diagnosed with a neurological injury caused by a lack of oxygen to her brain. Eight years later, her husband—after becoming engaged to another woman—started what would become a yearslong battle to remove her feeding tube. Read more.

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