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  • Travel returns to normal as pent-up demand continues

    The travel and tourism industry is back. At least that was the message last week in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at Domestic Showcase, a major regional industry conference sponsored by the Southeast Tourism Society.

  • How a mission trip inspired a fashion industry veteran to launch a 'purpose-driven' shoe brand

    Nelli Kim did known what to expect when she signed up for the short-term mission trip through Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City in 2014. But on the flight home, she resolved to use her gifts in service to others, although she was unclear how that might look.

  • In Sarasota, Amish snowbirds

    As with elsewhere in Florida, snowbirds are a regular sight here. But intermixed with the more stereotypical visitors to Sarasota, a city and county on the Gulf of Mexico coast in southwest Florida, is a large community of Amish.

  • Postcard from Paris: An ancient church restored

    One of the landmarks in the upscale Saint Germain des Prés neighborhood on the Left Bank of the River Seine is the eponymous church with its Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Founded by King Childebert in 543 and later dedicated to St. Germain, the present-day Church of Saint Germain des Prés mostly dates to a rebuilding in the early 11th century before the Great Schism that resulted in the split between Rome and Constantinople.

  • In San Juan, the oldest US church

    Most visitors to Puerto Rico seem unaware that the oldest church anywhere in the United States can be found on the Caribbean island territory.

  • Puerto Rico is back after years of challenges

    While the U.S. island territory did manage to recover its hospitality and tourism industry, nobody knew that recovery would be short-lived.

  • Postcard from Paris: An overlooked and forgotten national hero

    Largely overlooked in Paris, a city full of landmarks and other sights popular with tourists, is the grave of the Marquis de Lafayette.