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  • 'So Appalling': Fox News' Segment on Trans Child Sparks Outrage — Here's Why It Matters

    A recent Fox News segment about a transgender child has sparked outrage among many conservatives. Christian Post senior investigative reporter Brandon Showalter breaks down what unfolded, why he was "appalled," and why he argues that the transgender medical situation is "one of the greatest medical scandals the world has ever seen."

    "It is just so appalling to see a major network that has previously been one of the only big media organizations to scrutinize what I call one of the greatest medical scandals the world has ever seen," he said. "And sort of dress it up with nice-sounding families, appealing to people's emotions and pulling on their heartstrings to make something seem like it really isn't what it really is."

    Showalter added, "I was really taken aback by the manipulation."

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