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  • 'Disturbing': True Evil Exposed in Videos Documenting Hamas Terrorists' Horrific Attack on Israel

    As the Israel-Hamas war stretches into its second month, horrific stories of gruesome violence and despair continue to emerge from the Oct. 7 attack at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

    Christian Post reporter Samantha Kamman was among the people invited to watch shocking footage from the attack — unsettling events and images she said have stuck with her.

    "There were so many disturbing clips — just truly awful to see," she said, describing one video that showed two small kids whose father was killed in front of them as they tried to flee. "[The] little boys, you could tell they're scared [and] don't really know what to do ... they just both started sobbing over the death of their dad."

    The heartbreaking footage showed one of the kids saying he was blind in his eye, while a terrorist armed with guns nonchalantly opened the family's refrigerator and pulled out a drink, underscoring the inhumane and otherworldly behavior exhibited that day.

    Listen to Kamman share more about the footage, her time at the March For Israel — and more.

  • 'Absolutely Ridiculous': Christian College Takes on U.S. Department of Education After Historic Fine

    Grand Canyon University, the largest Christian university in the United States, is taking on the U.S. Department of Education after the agency levied against the school the heftiest fine in department history. 

    "The amount of the fine is absolutely ridiculous, but the point is, whether it was one dollar or $38 million, we're not paying a dime," Grand Canyon University President Brian Mueller told Christian Post reporter Jon Brown. "We are the most transparent institution in the country."

    Brown joins The Inside Story to discuss the shocking story, the Education Department's separate fining of Liberty University — and more. Listen to understand the details, implications, and more.

  • Churches Are Taking Action on Absentee Ballots, Voting Ahead of 2024 Election — Here's the Inside Story

    With the 2024 presidential election ramping up, churches and advocacy groups are coming together to encourage houses of worship to engage in "ballot harvesting" — also known as ballot collection. Christian Post reporter Ryan Foley joins "The Inside Story" to break down what this means and why it matters.

    "Ballot collection refers to [when] a person, sometimes a paid political operative, collects absentee ballots ahead of election day," Foley said. "My Faith Votes ... is one of these advocacy groups working on this [to create] some guides and toolkits for churches, informing them of ways they can legally engage in ballot collection efforts."

    Foley also discusses a California church that has successfully been engaging in these efforts for the past few years. This and more on this episode of "The Inside Story" brought to you by The Christian Post.

  • Inside Biblical Prophecy Surrounding Israel and the End of Days — and a WARNING About What Happens if the World Fails to Act After Hamas Horror

    What does the Bible say about biblical prophecy? How do Orthodox Jews and Christians see Israel's role in the biblical end of days? Jeannie Ortega Law joins the show to break down key interviews that reveal answers to these questions. 

    Law also explores what experts believe could happen if the world fails to act in the wake of the Hamas terror attack. This and more on this episode of "The Inside Story" brought to you by The Christian Post.

  • What Is Hamas and What Does the Terror Organization Believe? Inside the Horror Israelis Face

    What is Hamas? What does the terror organization believe? Christian Post reporter Samantha Kamman breaks down the inside story on the horrific terror attack in Israel, protests against the Jewish state and more. All that and more on today's show.

  • Furor, Confusion, Claims of 'Blurring of the Lines' Over Andy Stanley and the Unconditional Conference: The Inside Story

    Pastor Andy Stanley's involvement in the Unconditional Conference, an event for parents of LGBTQ+ kids and ministry leaders, has made waves throughout the Christian world, with some questioning Stanley's position on biblical marriage and relationships and how his house of worship, North Point Community Church, is tackling the issue.

    Christian Post reporter Ian M. Giatti joins "The Inside Story" to break down the controversy, explain Stanley's response to critique, and further explore the many facets of this complex story. 

    "I think it's clear that, whatever the larger ... strategy for Stanley and North Point Church is, there's definitely a blurring of the lines as far as his stance on traditional marriage," Giatti said. 

    Listen to the conversation on "The Inside Story."

  • Mass Baptisms Break Out Across America. Is Revival Upon Us? Here's the Inside Story

    As mass baptisms continue to break out across America, some wonder: is revival in the air?

    Just months after the Asbury outpouring — an event that captured hearts and minds across the globe — spiritual resurgences continue to take form. Some of these mass baptisms and professions have even made history due to their massive size and scope.

    Christian Post reporter Michael Gryboski takes you inside the story to explore some of these phenomenal spiritual happenings.   


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  • Christian Men's Group Promise Keepers Reportedly 'Canceled' Over Biblical 'Gender and Sexual Identity' Views: The Inside Story

    Promise Keepers, the Christian men's group, has seen some of its events at Christian organizations and churches canceled in recent months. The reason? According to Ken Harrison, chairman and CEO of Promise Keepers, one of the reasons centers on his organization's traditional and biblical views on gender and sexuality.

    "One venue was worried that we would offend people by expressing our belief, rooted in Scripture, about gender and sexual identity," Harrison reportedly said. "Others said they didn't want to draw protesters or simply didn't give us a reason."

    Listen to Christian Post reporter Ian M. Giatti break it all down.


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  • Could a Major Caucus Upset From DeSantis Dismantle Trump's Iowa Lead? The Inside Story

    With the 2024 election shaping up to be truly unique in every way, one evangelical activist believes there's a chance for an Iowa caucus upset.

    Bob Vander Plaats, the president of the Iowa-based advocacy group The FAMiLY Leader, told The Christian Post's Ryan Foley he believes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has run a strong ground game, despite former President Donald Trump's domination in the polls.

    "When asked which candidate was best positioned to win the Iowa caucuses, Vander Plaats responded, 'It would have to be Ron DeSantis,'" Foley recently wrote. "He said DeSantis has received endorsements from 40 state legislators and 130 county chairs."

    Listen to Foley break it all down on this week's episode of the show.


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  • Satanic Imagery in Hollywood: The Rapid Increase of Evil, Devilish Themes — and Why It Matters

    Demons. Satan. Evil. These themes are increasingly showing up in songs, music videos, and movies. What does it mean and why does it matter? Christian Post reporter Ian Giatti joins "The Inside Story" to break it all down.

    "The thing is, the devil doesn’t show up with horns and pitchforks, but actually masquerades as an angel of light, something beautiful, glorious even," he wrote in a recent Christian Post article, citing 2 Corinthians 11:14, which reads, "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light."

    Listen to Giatti expand on the subject on this episode of the show.


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