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Events that occurred this week in Christian history include the death of R.C. Sproul, the removal of a Russian Orthodox patriarch from power, and Matthew Parker becoming Archbishop of Canterbury.

The United Methodist Church has approved the disaffiliation of 142 Mississippi congregations, joining more than 7,000 churches that have left the mainline Protestant denomination since 2019.

Despite severe restrictions surrounding Christianity and ongoing unrest in the Middle East, an evangelistic event in Cairo, Egypt, led by Michael Youssef saw an unexpected attendance of over 17,000 people — evidence, he said, that amid the darkness, the Gospel shines brightest.

Two weeks after Jarrett Booker, a New Hampshire youth pastor, died by suicide following allegations of child sexual abuse, his wife expresses a tumultuous mix of emotions in a Facebook post, acknowledging the destructive nature of sin and praying for those harmed by her husband’s actions.

The Christian Post talked with longtime conservative Christian activists to get their views on the Moral Majority, including their memories of the organization, its long-term impact, and what, if anything, they believe has replaced it on the modern day.

If you’ve never fully embraced Advent, try it this year.

At a time when Hollywood seems particularly out of touch regarding the content families and children want to consume, “Wonka” serves as a sweet holiday escape the whole family can enjoy. 

Forget Sedona, which in recent years has become openly hostile to tourists, and instead plan a trip to nearby Cottonwood.