Late-Term Abortion Doctor's Shocking Admissions, Claims About Christianity, Nightmares, And More

Warren Hern is an 84-year-old Colorado abortion doctor who is "one of the few abortionists in the country willing to commit abortions at a time in pregnancy when a child is considered viable."

Christian Post reporter Samantha Kamman joins the show to share details on Hern's shocking recent interview with The Atlantic. Hern shared why he performs late-term abortions, how he once experienced nightmares, and why he agrees to do such procedures.

"Hern was very clear throughout the interview ... that a baby is considered a fetus until it is born," Kamman explained. "And that viability isn't determined by how old the unborn child is but by a woman's willingness to carry the baby."

Hear what Hern had to say when asked whether he would perform an abortion on a woman 30 weeks pregnant with no health complications.

Listen to Kamman share the shocking details from the interview. 


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